Miss Molly

I found her on facebook marketplace. Forty dollars, and this poor girl could be mine. I could give her the second life she deserves. There's something about service furniture that really calls to me. This girl was meant to be beautiful, but years of service made her shabby and lifeless. 

So I couldn't resist. I dragged the strong, hansom husband out on a Sunday morning to an apartment complex, and of course she was on the top floor. Up two flights of stairs so steep my seven year old wouldn't descend without sitting on her bottom. But this vanity was worth it! 

I first stripped and stained the tops of the outer drawers. The middle top was unsalvageable, so I painted it white, along with the rest of the piece. I'm actually glad it worked out that way because it's more interesting, I think. 

Then I distressed the sh** out of this one. She loved it. Every chip of paint seemed to add more beauty and historical prowess to the finish. I mean... she is no prim and proper southern belle. She has purpose and charisma. 

So here she is. No chair. No mirror. Whoever falls for her will provide her with what she needs. For some reason, I named her Miss Molly. And I don't want to offend her, but doesn't she have great legs!?

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