That Chest With the Antlers

Sometimes inanimate objects speak to me. I happened upon this clunker at my local Catholic Social Services, and it wasn't love at first sight. He was nice and solid, but the back was warped and rotten, the feet were broken, and the drawers were full of dead roaches and what I can only guess was mouse droppings. Yuck!

I do like a challenge, and he didn't smell bad (which is a deal breaker), so after much internal debate, I finally passed on him. 

Fast forward a few days, and I just couldn't stop thinking about this sad guy! I really don't know why, but it's like he was calling me from his foster home... "Save me! Save me!". I know. I'm weird. 

So about a week later I finally gave in and went back to see if he was still there. Low and behold, there he was... as gross as I remembered him. I was thrilled. 

I gladly forked over the $35 and scheduled a pick up. 

First step was to clean, clean, clean. Rosie and I chipped off all of the mouse poop- and it was ALL OVER the inside. Then we blew out all the little bits of roaches and dust with our air compressor gun. We eded up ripping off the entire backing, which I later replaced with masonite board. 

Usually I hem and haw over what color to paint a new piece, often having to wait a few days or even weeks before it inspires me. But this one told me exactly what he wanted from the moment I added him to my ever-growing hoard of foster furniture in the garage. 

I painted him a taupey grey in Behr Chalk Paint that I had mixed from a sample at Home Depot. Next, I sanded down the top and stained it a rich, dark brown, and finally, I distressed him with my trusty rotary sander. 

I thought I was done, but as I headed to the garage one morning to apply the sealer, he said, "paint some antlers on me!". Well, I didn't hear an actual voice, but the urge just suddenly struck me. So I did!

I posted him for sale a few days later, and I expected it to take a while to sell. I knew it would take just the right buyer to actually fall in love. However, it was just about a week later that a sweet woman gave him a new home! Now he lives in a baby boy's nursery, and the antlers remind her of her late grandfather, who loved dear. 

So sweet!

This piece is sold, but I do take commissions. If you fall in love and would like something similar, call me. Thanks for stopping by!

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