The power in cleaning up.

My studio had become a pit of dark matter. Useless bobbles of tools, brushes, and collections of stuff that I may need one day dotted the horizon line of the room. The walls were covered in dark, dingy art that had no thread of life between them. Just old paintings that I was once proud of but had since become a burden. The burden of keeping art that I really don’t like… maybe never did. Why? Well, I may have spent eight hours or more on each of those paintings. I may have poured my soul into them… once. Maybe because even though I don’t like them, they are still decent art. That portrait is nothing special, but it’s drawn so well. It looks so realistic. Yuck. I finally had had enough. F*** it! I don’t use that word lightly. I usually hate that word, but it was necessary.

I took it all apart. Took down every painting and stacked it carelessly in a corner. Then I cleared off every table. I even took up the rugs and threw them on the front porch with the rest of the trash.

Within a short hour or so the negative space emerged like a soft breath. Aaah. I brought in a few plants and burned a new stick of incense for good measure. These bare walls are ready for a new collection. New colors. New themes.

Are you buried in your creative past? Try cleaning up.

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